About Hermit’s Book Project

Since I started building Hermit, thousands of people have been using it to write in private. To be honest, I would never have thought that someday my little side project would grow so big (I’m really grateful to you all for that!). Hermit is private - and will always remain private - but, sometimes, sharing helps us grow. That’s where the idea of the book project came from-connecting talented writers to inspire the others; trying to build a community starting with a beautiful, tangible project.

Not everybody who loves to write is an author or has the wish to become one. To a lot of people, writing is a way to relax, unwind, and escape their problems for a glimpse of a moment. One of this project’s goals is to give those people who desire to be read a chance to be read by as many people as possible. I believe that every one of us has something interesting to say, and that we should all have the equal right of being heard (or read). A book is just a nice way to bring all that together in one place.

I believe all our diverse languages and cultures are what make the world so rich and exciting. People from over nine hundred cities are currently using Hermit to write, and I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass without taking advantage of it. I invited all the participants to submit their writings in their mother tongue, and the response was great! Even though most entries are in English, this book also features texts in Spanish, French, and Chinese. Seeing texts you cannot read reminds you that you still have so many things to learn about the world. There’s nothing I love more than seeing something I don’t understand. It’s reassuring, in a way.